Catalogue Bondinas
Catalogue Bondinas

Our history

Our History

  • In 1912 Thomas Bondinas started an individual company, which traded and sold various types of hunting items, paint colours and ironware.
  • In 1935 Thomas Bondinas?s sons, Alexis and Stavros, undertook the administration of the company.
  • In 1951 the enterprise moved in a new private building, and began wholesale imports.
  • In 1962 the Bondinas Bros bought their own store and merchandised imported electric products.
  • In 1981 began the exclusive imports of Ironware and Hand tools for retail and wholesale.
  • In 1988 Stavros Bondinas retired and Thomas Bondinas replaced him in the company?s chain of command.
  • In 1999 the company worked exclusively in wholesale trade.

Since 2000, Thomas Bondinas is the only householder and administrator of the company. The company headquarters moved in new private modern facilities -2.500 square metres in total extent - in the Industrial Area of Preveza, increasing the types of products and extending the network of sales in the North Western Greece. Our district network includes the following areas:

  • Preveza
  • Arta
  • Corfu Island
  • Lefkada Island
  • Etoloakarnania
  • Ioannina

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